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Kardinia Dohnes rams sell to $4000 twice and average $2492

By Jamie Brown, The Land

Long time clients of Kardinia Dohnes at Corowa bought to a top price of $4000 on Thursday for a well-balanced ram exhibiting excellent traits in his meat and wool.

At the on-farm sale repeat buyer Helen Galloway, Cotswold Vic, bought to $4000, twice including lot 46, exhibiting fine wool at 17.5 micron, 3.1 standard deviation and 98.5 comfort factor. His Australian Sheep Breeding Values recorded in the top 10pc for fat and EMD.

The other, lot 53 presented in the top 30pc of the breed for post weaning weight at 5.69, post weaning eye muscle depth at 1.14 and post weaning fat depth. His fibre figures fell into the same bracket with 17.3 micron; 3.1 standard deviation and 99.45 comfort factor. He was top 10pc for clean fleece weight, recording 17.85.

Stud principal Don Mills said he was pleased with the consistency throughout the draft, presenting in the top 30 per cent of the breed for eye muscle depth and fat.

Boltari Dohne stud at Euchuca, SA paid $3500 for lot 53, 14 months, with PWEMD at 2.78 and PWFD at .8, both inside the top 5pc for the breed. His fleece recorded 16.7 micron, 3.4 standard deviation and a 99.4 comfort factor score.

Buyers came from Culcairn to Ariah Park and east to Yass with one ram going to regular Tasmanian client, IC Boyes, Boisie Estate, Longwood.

The sale was settled by Nutrien, Albury with online support from AuctionsPlus.

Kardinia will offer another draft of Dohne rams at Ballarat showground on November 18.

Equal top priced ram with vendor Don Mills Kardinia Dohnes, Rex Bennett Elders Wangaratta and Peter Godbolt Nutrien Albury.