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Kardinia Dohne Merino Stud

Kardinia Dohne Merino StudThe Kardinia Dohne Merino Stud is becoming one of Australia’s leading stud supplying proven genetics across the domestic and international markets.

Don and Karen Mills from Kardinia Dohnes are able to provide you with the complete package including rams, ewes, embryos and semen from our stud sires.

Dohnes have significant combined advantages over any other sheep breed and are the only truly dual purpose breed in Australia today.

Dohnes are highly fertile, naturally bare breeched, ideal where a self replacing flock is required, adaptable to a broad range of climatic conditions, has quality white fine merino wool and produces fast growing prime lambs.

At Kardinia we have an ongoing commitment to providing quality genetics to our clients by the 100% pedigree and performance testing through the breed evaluation system managed by the Australian Dohne Breeders Association. Dohnes are the only breed in Australia that requires all stud breeders to register and maintain a full pedigree performance record giving you complete confidence when buying stock.

Come and see what Kardinia Dohnes has to offer and why so many stud and commercial breeders are quickly recognising that Dohnes are certainly the breed to lead the future.

Kardinia Dohne Merino Stud
  • Fast growing and early maturity
  • Self replacing flocks
  • Prime Lamb
  • Quality Dohne Merino Wool (18-21micron)
  • Naturally polled and bare breeched
  • High Fertility
  • Dohne Ewes are great mothers
  • Quality Assured Performance and Breeding System
  • Full Pedigrees on all animals


Upcoming Sales

17th On Property Sale

15th September 2022

Kardinia Dohne Stud, Corowa NSW

Inspection from 10am

Sale commences at 1pm

18th Annual Victorian Invitation Sale

27th October 2022

Ballarat Showground, Ballarat VIC

Inspection from 10am

Sale commences at 1pm

Kardinia is brucellosis accredited and are approved

OJD vaccinates as per standards of Australian Sheep

MAP program.

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