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2021 Newsletter

Welcome to Kardinia 2021 Spring Newsletter

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‘180 + Reasons for Choosing Dohnes’
A growing list of powerful global fashion stakeholders is further evidence that Australia’s wool industry must listen to their customers and prepare for a non-mulesed future, or risk being left behind.

Kardinia Dohne stud who ceased mulesing in 2006  is part of Fox and Lillie Rural  (Sheep Wool Buyers and Brokers) largest Australian farm group of woolgrowers accredited under the RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) programme.  RWS is a global independent and voluntary standard that addresses the welfare of sheep. 
Dohnes which are bare breached and plain bodied when combined with relevant management practices, are well positioned to meet the requirements of the RWS programme and consumers seeking out this greater level of traceability and transparency. 
The Dohne has characteristics such as high fertility rates and free growing wool which gives the breed great prospects for producing a high quality fibre which can be directed into RWS orders.  Being a robust sheep, even under the harshest conditions Dohnes perform desirably for wool producers.  
The highly sought after genetics from Kardinia Dohne Stud are also being included in a national sire evaluation programme being run under the auspices of the Australian Merino Sire Evaluation Association (AMSEA).  They will be evaluated for growth rate and carcass traits, eye muscle, fat depth and evenness, intramuscular fat, meat to bone ratio and meat eating quality as well as fleece traits.  The evaluation will be an opportunity to validate and give numeric credit to the breeds (ASBV’s) of individual sires as well as with flock breeding values.  
For commercial sheep enterprises, reproductive performance is the key.  This reproduction focused evaluation will provide accurate data to speak to the Dohne’s ability to produce a very high percentage of lambs of exceptional quality. 

Kardinia Dohne Stud is hosting their on property ram sale on Thursday 16th September.  For those who can’t attend in person the sale will be live streamed through Auctions Plus and delivery of rams can be arranged.  Please contact Don if you would like to arrange a pre-sale inspection.   
Kardinia Dohne Stud rams continues to deliver consistent returns for our clients from high quality progeny and quality wool clips through to excellent prices for surplus ewe sale and wether lambs.

Remaining true to our values, our 150gsm Superfine Merino Wool jersey is knitted in Melbourne and sourced exclusively under the Responsible Wool Standard from certified non-mulesed. Aussie sheep.
Kardinia Dohne stud proudly supplied wool for CW 2021 range.